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News: Dept. of Parks and Recreation Shoreline Ordinances – Rules and Regulations

Date Published Author
7/1/2007 12:00:00 AM  by order of the Parks & Recreation Commission 

1. No person shall walk any domestic animal unless such animal is restrained by a leash, chain or cord no greater than six (6) feet in length. The owner or person having custody of such animal shall be responsible for the immediate removal of any solid waste produced b such animal. No person shall walk or permit any domestic animal owned by him or her or in his or her custody upon any beach except in cases where the animal is needed to assist a person with a disability.
2. No motorized vehicle, including but not limited to all-terrain vehicles, dune buggies, etc. shall be left standing or parked nor shall any vehicle be driven upon or pushed across any beach, except for authorized parks and patrol vehicles.
3. Disorderly conduct and obscene or indecent language or behavior on shoreline areas shall be prohibited.
4. Bathers swimming in designated, life guarded areas must stay within the swim buoys. Swimming at a non-guarded, non-designated swimming areas or during hours that lifeguards are not on duty will be deemed “at your own risk”.
5. Only Coast Guard approved PFD’s are allowed in designated swimming areas. All other buoyancy devises are prohibited.
6. Boats, jet skis and other watercraft or vessels are prohibited from designated swimming areas and are subject to all State of CT boating laws and regulations.
7. Fishing is prohibited within designated swimming areas
8. No Person shall jump or dive off any pier or rock groin
9. No person shall swim in long pants, a long sleeved shirt, a skirt, dress or similar restrictive clothing unless it is approved swimwear such as a “burkini”.
10. No real property under the jurisdiction of the Parks and Recreation Commission shall be leased, rented or used for commercial purposes, except that said commission may approve certain designated areas of said property for the sale of food and soft drinks by a vendor or vendors, provided that such vendor(s) shall enter into a contract with the city to operate such enterprise after the same shall be placed for public bid and awarded by the City Comptroller in accordance with the provisions of the City Charter.
11. The reserved use of any shoreline area under the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks and Recreation shall be limited to WH Residents who obtain a permit from the Department of Parks and Recreation.
12. No person shall light, kindle or set a fire or cook food in any shoreline area under the jurisdiction of the department of Parks and Recreation without prior written permission of the Department of Parks and Recreation. Any fire shall be continuously under the care of and direction of the permittee from the time it is kindled until it is extinguished.
13. Littering is prohibited.
14. No person shall drive a motorized vehicle at speeds greater than ten (10) miles per hour, our use parking lots for the purpose of teaching a person to drive. No person shall use the shoreline areas for the purposes of demonstrating any vehicles or for the purpose of repairing or cleaning any vehicle except in emergencies. No person shall cause or permit a vehicle in tow of another vehicle to enter or proceed in the parking areas, except that, in case of breakdown, a disabled vehicle may be towed to the nearest exit.
15. The playing of organized music or the use of shoreline areas for public speaking shall be prohibited unless a permit is first obtained from the Dept. of Parks and Recreation. For purposes hereof, “organized music” shall mean and include individuals or bands playing live or recorded music in such a fashion and at such a volume so as to disturb or otherwise adversely affect individuals or groups seeking to use or enjoy the park recreation area or beach.
16. No person shall injure hunt, cause damage to or disturb any bird, bird’s nest or eggs or any animal, wild or tame, in any shoreline area. No person shall cut, deface, remove or disturb and tree, shrub, building, fence, bench, or other structure , apparatus or property or pick, eat or remove any shrub, bush flower or mark, write upon or otherwise deface any building fence, bench or other structure within the shoreline areas.
17. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in any shoreline area is prohibited.
18. No person shall ride a bicycle, motorcycle or other motor vehicle without reasonable regard to the safety of others. No person shall leave a bicycle in a place other than a bicycle rack where one is provided.
19. No person shall dress or undress on any areas supervised by the Department of Parks and Recreation.
20. No motorized vehicles shall be permitted upon any bicycle paths under the jurisdiction of the department of Parks and Recreation. Roller skates, skateboards, and similar devices may not be used in parking lots or on wooden decks or ramps.
21. It shall be unlawful for any person in a shoreline area to fail to produce or exhibit any permit he claims to have upon request of any authorized person who shall desire to inspect for the purpose of enforcing compliance with any ordinance or rule.
22. ***The beach parking areas so designated by the Parks and Recreation Commission in the following locations shall be designated as restricted areas and be limited to the parking of non commercial motor vehicles displaying annual beach stickers; no stickers will be issued to commercial vehicles:, South Street, Prospect Beach, Seabluff, Oak Street, Altschuler Blvd, April Street.
23. The parking areas at Morse Park, Second Avenue and Bradley Point shall be open to both residents and nonresidents of the City of West Haven at a parking fee to be determined by the Parks and Recreation Commission. No commercial vehicles will be accommodated.
24. Shoreline parking lots are closed at sunset except: Rock Street and Bradley Point and Oak Street – 10:30 p.m. Sandy Point-Second Avenue, April Street will remain open 24 hours.